Discover Rio Vista Magazine Ad Form

RioVision produces 3 editions every year of the Discover Rio Vista (DRV) magazine. At least 11,500 magazines are printed each time, with at least 5,500 inserted into the Beacon newspaper and the remaining 6,000 are distributed to areas inside and outside of Rio Vista. Discover Rio Vista is all color, and also offers premium glossy pages. Our prices are low due to our volunteers. Prices reflect our cost.

Ad sizes: Business card = 3.5’w x 2”h, 1/4 page = 3.5”w x 4.75”h,
1/2 page Horizontal = 7.25″w x 4.75”h, 1/2 page Vertical = 3.5”w x 9.75”h
Pricing and Discounts are listed below for running ads in one or more editions

Make check payable to RioVision to pay via PayPal or pay by credit card.
Please submit your payment to: Rio Vision, PO Box 89, Rio Vista, CA 94571

If you have questions such as deadlines, space availability, etc. contact Laurie: 925-301-7389, [email protected]

Once this Ad Form and your payment have been submitted, please send your ad copy to:
Assistant Editor, Jan Vick at [email protected], 707-863-1255
Please contact Jan with any questions regarding your ad.

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